Connect Festnetz-Test 2017: 1 & 1 gets again the total victory

connect landline test 2017 – In this year’s connect landline test in 2017 was able to secure first place 1 & 1 again. Close behind in second place followed by Telekom, propping up o2 and Vodafone.

connect landline Test 2017

The connect landline test 2017 again chose to 1 & 1 winner. The party was able to secure a total of 428 points and the test result “very good” first place and convinced with very good benefits and excellent response times and upload transfer rates. “In the highest bandwidth class provider supplies the best services in Web services and also convinces with Web TV,” it says. “In addition, 1 & 1 achieved the fastest gaming pings.”

Followed in second place with 420 of 500 points Telekom and received the test result “good”. The network operator offered together with Vodafone the best language services under the nationwide party and had a good upload data rates in the highest bandwidth class over 100 Mbit / s. However, weaknesses existed in the lower classes to 20 Mbit / s and 25 Mbit / s to 50 Mbit / s. “Good news for web TV fans: Here Telekom achieved the second-best performance in the test – the top spot in this discipline won regional provider EWE” says connect.

o2 and Vodafone with test result “good” on the last places

While Unitymedia “good” ended up with 410 points and the test result in third place, achieved o2 and Vodafone with 406 and 400 points the two rear seats. Nevertheless both providers each received the test result “good” and were relatively few points behind the winners.

o2 offered ordinary language values ​​and good connection setup times, when the data is a mixed picture. Here o2 was better positioned in the lower and middle class bandwidth than in the higher, they say. “At uploads in the class up to 20 Mbit / s (with and without parallel download) achieved O2 even the second best result in the entire test.” For the other categories studied, the mixed picture continues.

In the area of ​​language Vodafone was on par with the telecom and managed to pass data to competitors in the field. The company offered the lowest bandwidth class (up to 20 Mbit / s) fast uploads, but weakened at cable connections with high bandwidths. “Even in the categories of web services and web TV show the readings – of individual bright spots apart – quite a bit of room for improvement,” says connect.

Under all results of the connect landline tests in 2017 are visible. In addition to national providers and the services of M-Net, Netcologne and EWE have been studied.



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