RED builds smartphone with holographic display

Feature-wise, the smartphone market is a little sluggish, but this could change in the first quarter of 2018. And indeed from a direction from which one would not have expected. Videoperamer manufacturer RED brings next year its first smartphone on the market, which will have a holographic display installed.

RED is, of course, somewhat reticent about how this screen will look and what it can achieve. Some of the Star Wars fans will now have wild fantasies from a hologram by Princess Leia, but the 5.7-inch display of the HYDROGEN-named smartphone will probably not work.

RED has unfortunately not much to the Specs to say, besides the following: Android will be the substructure, loaded by USB-C and a microSD card you can also use. Otherwise, RED focuses on its own years of expertise: quality at Videocontent. This applies both to the presentation and to the recording. In addition to normal videos, the HYDROGEN should be able to present in-house 4-view content in the H4V format, which should somehow be holographic.

There are three-dimensional images, probably similar to the Nintendo 3DS, where the transition from 2D to 3D and then to the holography is to take place seamlessly. If that really goes so and the contents then look also cool, we would have actually a medium-heavy revolution in mobile devices. In addition, the smartphone is still to support virtual, augmented and mixed reality, as well as interactive games, which is why one can speculate on relatively powerful hardware.

And as was formerly the case in cinemas, the show was only really good, as with the films still sound came. RED can not be lumped here and has developed its own sound algorithm that converts stereoklang into “multidimensional” sound. Basically another name for surround sound, because RED does not seem to use the established codecs of Dolby or dts.

Those who know the RED cameras know that they work with modules that can be built like legostees to their own needs. This is not the case with the HYDROGEN and, in my opinion, an exciting feature. Even if the LG G5 has not worked so completely, but all the more with the devices from Moto.

Unfortunately, RED has not revealed exactly what modules will be available, except that the system will be the cornerstone for a future multi-dimensional media system. With this you can then create holographic images and high-resolution photos and videos. This is ensured by a high-speed bus from RED (here: interface, non-public transport).

Let’s get to the price: Whoever pre-orders the HYDROGEN now receives it for about 1200 US dollars in the aluminum and for around 1600 US dollars in the Titanium version. Exclusive tax and shipping. RED can not guarantee that the price will not increase in the course of the year and later orders can be delivered in time, ie to the release in the first quarter of 2018.

What do you think about the idea? I find some buzzwords and ambiguities in the press release, but found holographic content quite cool. If they are really as impressive as RED anteasert.




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