Energy Efficiency and IoT: Seaside is serious

Efficienza energetica e IoT: Seaside fa sul serio

Energy efficiency is a growing industry. And the applications of the Internet of Things are becoming more and more concrete. Combining these two worlds can give great results. This is demonstrated by the case of Seaside, a company based in Bologna, with an annual turnover of over € 8 million, operating in the field of energy efficiency and making innovation a distinctive feature. Like SaveMixer, software that combines algorithms and machine learning models with Seaside’s ten-year experience as ESCo, or Energy Service Company, ie those companies that can provide all the services needed to carry out energy efficiency measures , Creating a product that allows companies to monitor the trend of consumption and, above all, to establish in a simple and effective way actions to increase energy efficiency to achieve optimum and wasteful consumption.

Solution entirely in cloud

“SaveMixer goes beyond simple consumer monitoring as it is able to integrate both with MES and PLC systems with the most energy-efficient manufacturing companies and with more business applications such as ERPs, and this allows companies to focus their attention On areas that have more opportunities to recover efficiency and the implementation of their operational actions, in a continuous improvement cycle, “said Paolo Benfenati, Managing Director of Seaside. But not only: the true value of SaveMixer is to use deep and machine learning algorithms to provide predictive consumption models and to analyze large data queues, which allow you to continually improve your app through automatic learning. Provided in SaaS or PaaS entirely in cloud, SaveMixer is currently on Microsoft Azure, but “we remain totally open to other platforms, also as a guarantee for our customers to be always agnostic in the IT field,” explains Data Manager Paolo Benfenati, Also pointing out that “the heart of the application has been realized in Python, which is well-known and portable: even though we have developed SaveMixer completely at home, we collaborated with Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bologna, using components commercial. “

A case of success

A recent case of adopting SaveMixer, presented at the end of June in Milan at Microsoft House, at the end of June in Milan at Microsoft House, is East Balt Bakeries Italia, a company based at Modena’s Produces fresh and frozen bread and supplies the main chains of fast food restaurants, as well as being present in all supermarkets and within HoReCa. As explained by Tommaso De Marco, Modenese CEO, with the adoption of SaveMixer, East Balt Italia today has an energy management service with monthly consumption monitoring to identify areas for improvement and to raise awareness of good practices To be adopted through the sharing of reports, which are easily readable as they are purged from the most technical consumption data.



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