On the Galaxy Note 8, the fingerprint sensor will always be in the wrong position

The Galaxy Note 8 will likely be presented next month. If one begins to know a little the smartphone, it is a new leak that appears on the net today. A flight that comes from Vietnam.

A sensor still badly placed

The leaker Tùng Hà shares indeed renderings of the phone which shows us a sensitive point: the NPC. Here, Samsung made the choice of the dual camera, which he had not done with the S8. A logical choice, but which suffered from serious defects.

Indeed, Tùng Hà indicates that the double APN is not only not centered (but it is not a drama), but also appears from the hull. A bump of a few millimeters quite painful that one finds on some smartphones of the competition, like the iPhone.

Similarly, Samsung has not managed to incorporate the fingerprint sensor in the screen, we find this sensor in the back, on the side. On the Galaxy S8, the sensor was already there and the thing was impractical. There is no reason for this to change for Note 8.

In any case, this is not going to convince those already disappointed by the sensor of the S8. Samsung should soon communicate on the date of presentation of the smartphone.



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