Patent infringement: Qualcomm wants to get sales ban for Apple’s iPhone

Patent infringement: Qualcomm wants to bring about prohibition of sales of Apple's iPhone

The tussle between Apple and Qualcomm is reported to the police by Qualcomm at the International Trade Commission (ITC) in the next round. Qualcomm sees through Apple infringed several patents, which positively affect the battery life of a smartphone. Qualcomm calls for a ban on the sale of the equipment.

Disputes since the beginning of the year

The dispute between Apple and Qualcomm dates back to January. At that time the ITC Qualcomm accused to prevent Apple from shopping baseband modems from manufacturers other than Qualcomm. Background: Since the iPhone 7 (Test) Intel modems provides to Apple.

A few days later, Apple had filed a complaint and requires about one billion US dollars in compensation from Qualcomm for overpriced modems from Qualcomm and outstanding discounts in the US District Court for the Southern District of California. In April, an artificial restriction modem performance in the iPhone was followed by a retaliation by Qualcomm in which Apple accused was to push this to the level of other suppliers Intel.

Qualcomm sees patents infringed

In today filed by Qualcomm in the ITC complaint, the company Apple accuses the infringement of six patents. These include various energy saving mechanisms of several hardware components have the lifetime extension of the smartphone result. Qualcomm it comes to making explicit devices that are not equipped with hardware of the Group. Qualcomm argues Apple would violate the patents at all times and must pay appropriate royalties.

Qualcomm calls for ban

Because of patent infringements and, according to Qualcomm resulting, outstanding payments of royalties Qualcomm overwhelmed by the ITC now an injunction to Apple selling already imported iPhones, import other products to the United States as well as measures for marketing and advertising of the products in question to to forbid.

Qualcomm expects the ITC commence an investigation into the case in the course of August and that the case will end in the coming year in court.



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