O2: Who does not call the hotline, gets free data volume

Free data volume for self-service– According to a report, o2 is planning a bonus program for customers who refuse to call the hotline and instead help themselves in the self-service area of the homepage itself. According to the data, there are a number of free data volumes available for hotline abstinence.

O2 Hotline do not call

The o2 customer support had come to the end of 2016 in the criticism. Many customers complained about long waiting times and said they could not get through to an employee. O2 promised improvement and could now defuse the problems. According to a report from Teltarif, a special bonus program is to ensure a lower support volume at the hotline.

According to the company, the company is planning to benefit customers who are concerned about their concerns in the self-service area of the homepage or the app itself and do not try the hotline. Under the motto “Online instead of Hotline”, a website was set up, which should obviously be used by customers to manage their contracts themselves in the future.

O2 self-service is rewarded

However, only customers who were previously invited by o2 via email or SMS will be able to participate. Anyone who is registered in the Mein-o2 area should already receive an additional data volume of 600 MB. An additional 600 MB should be given when an invoice video is viewed. The installation of the Mein o2 app on the smartphone is also rewarded with 600 MB.

However, there is a particularly high volume of data for customers who do not even call the hotline in nine months. For the hotline abstinence waving 1.8 GB, according to the information. Whether the data sets are provided once or permanently, is still open. When the action will start.

O2 Self-service without hotline contact

As far as it can be seen, the new website takes over the tasks of the Mein-o2-area and allows the administration of own contracts. This includes changing personal data, accessing invoices and consumptions, participating in the More o2 program and the like.

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