Steam reviews: “Review Bombing” as an organ for players

Steam-Bewertungen: „Review Bombing“ als Organ für Spieler

Gamers are now using the Renzensions option on Steam with a view to expressing their displeasure about the business practices of companies, which has recently moved Take Two and Paradox Interactive to a change of course. The flood of negative valuations has not yet had any effect on the sales figures.

The fact that disgrunted players no longer only express their indignation in forums, also Square Enix had to learn. The Action Rolling Game Nier: Automata was released around the world without Chinese localization, which together with a price increase of 100 percent has provoked a flood of negative reviews for this market, which has spread to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

“The Football Manager’s 2017 evaluation has evolved since the” Review Bombing “in October 2016, which is a response to a promised, but not implemented, localization Was still not recovering. In a similar situation the developers of Darkest Dungeon were also found; All too relaxed reactions to not held announcements are no longer sufficient.


No impact on sales in the short term

Short-term financial impact has not yet been the case for publishers, Sergey Galyonkin of SteamSpy. According to Payday 2, more copies were sold in the month after the announcement of the introduction of microtransactions in 2015 than in the previous month, albeit with “a fairly large discount”.

Also the sandbox game Ark: Survival Evolved has sold more copies in the month after the anger for the expansion despite a small discount than the month before the event. However, such a reaction meant that “players’ trust in the game” was shrinking. The effects are potentially of a long-term nature.


Rating varies

Assessments on the phenomenon are diverging. Indie developer Lars Doucet was in a position against PC gamers, big publishers would only get what they deserve due to hostile practices. For small studios such a mob could be “mean”, although in contrast to mobs on Twitter, only buyers of the game are allowed to comment. The website itself judges the system to be “abuse, but in some cases as intended: players comment a game and give potential customers valuable information”.

In the ComputerBase forum, such a perspective is controversial. On the one hand, the players are allowed to practice legitimate criticism of publishers, on the other hand, they are accused of misusing the review system, which is supposed to serve the assessment of pure play. Other users, on the other hand, see the value of this strategy as a control and platform, in order to have an effective voice that is not simply overlooked.




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