Interview: Every 4th US-American wants to switch from Windows to Mac

It is always such a matter with the market research: How representative is a survey actually, what clientel was interviewed, etc. Therefore, I say before times that you should consider the result of the analysis, which is to go here with a little caution ,

For its survey, Verto Analytics has pre-selected 6,000 US-Americans over 18 years and asked them if they plan to switch from a Windows desktop PC or notebook to a Mac in the next 6-24 months. From a Mac to a Windows machine.

The sobering result for Microsoft: 21 percent of all Windows notebook owners in this survey can imagine introducing a Mac in the near future. For those with Windows desktop PC, the willingness to change is even higher: Here, even 25 percent of respondents say they would opt for Apple next time. Given the market share of only about 7 percent on the PC market, this would indicate that Apple will grow fundamentally in the foreseeable future.

Conversely, the Mac users are perfectly satisfied with their crates: a whopping 98 percent of the users said that they would decide again in the next 6-24 months for technology from Cupertino. It is striking that especially the most abundant Windows users (150,000 dollars or more per year) with a change, followed directly by those who are financially weakest ($ 20,000 or less per year). Here one could assume that they are students and students who a) have paid for parents who are paid for, or b) assume that they will soon be well-paid jobs.

In this chart, you can also see that in the middle of the annual income of between 30,000 and 40,000 US dollars the desire to change is the least pronounced. Only seven percent of survey participants can imagine this change to Mac.

This survey results at least to the very first, glance at the quarterly figures of Microsoft and Apple: While Apple’s sales are attracted to nearly six billion dollars, they are at Microsoft’s “only” 1.1 billion dollars buckled. This is not quite fair, of course because Windows is much more common and not because Microsoft is so much hardware, but because you can rely on its powerful partners such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, ASUS and many more.

Again, please do not assume that this survey is as representative as it is. It is little known how exactly the survey was carried out and whether these 6,000 people represent the USA as well. It is not even known how many respondents there are in the Apple and the Windows warehouse, or how the exact question was.

Nevertheless, while Apple users can almost speak of Nibelungsreueue, the situation looks the other way around the trailers of the operating system of Microsoft completely different. In Redmond you will probably not grow gray hair, because the feedback on Surface Laptop and Surface Pro can be quite see.



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