Microsoft uses AI to prevent accidents in sports

Microsoft usa l’AI per prevenire gli infortuni nello sport

With the boom of fitness devices and health apps, many have realized that big data can be a powerful tool for monitoring physical and sports performance. This applies to each of us but above all to professionals. For example, the German football national team uses the SAP HANA platform to analyze the tactics and the ball management. Microsoft has also been interested in providing new tools for sportsmen and its workshop. Garage has developed Sports Performance Platform, a monitoring system that combines machine learning, Surface devices and big data analysis to prevent accidents or manage recovery times .

“Let’s imagine making key decisions that are based on deeper awareness and not following instinct. The difference between a win and a defeat can be determined by various elements, such as the ability to give maximum five minutes more, the player’s hydration levels or even to sleep half an hour before the usual, “stressed Jeff Hansen, general manager of Microsoft Brand Studio. Redmond’s platform, which seems to have played a non-marginal role in Apple’s choice of making the first iPhone, allows monitoring any aspect of training and performance of a single athlete to improve performance and avoid injuries .

Sports Performance Platform is still experimental but has been adopted by teams such as Seattle Reign FC, Sport Lisboa, Benfica, Real Sociedad and Australia’s cricket national team. The next goal of Microsoft, whose Hololens will be used by Indra for air traffic management, will be to make its artificial intelligence available not only to professionals but also to amateur sports and school instructors.



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