Aumi Mini and Mevis, a night light and a new wear on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding platforms are seen as a manna from the sky by so many small realities that, thanks to the support of potential buyers, are able to get the funds they need to realize their ideas. Kickstarter is definitely the most popular platform of the genre and hosts the two interesting projects we are going to present you today.

The former is called Aumi Mini and features dual function night-light and WiFi notification system, thanks to WiFi connectivity and integration with IFTTT. You can then receive light notifications on certain events: when an email arrives when the weather forecast changes suddenly or approaches an event in the calendar.


Thanks to the Android app and app iOS app companion, users will be able to decide the color of the notifications, the brightness intensity, and the events that will trigger Aumi Mini activation. The cost of the small device, powered by a common USB connector, is $ 27 Canadian, equivalent to about € 18 at the current exchange, and deliveries should start in December.

The second project is called Mevics and concerns a wearable device that, in addition to monitoring the everyday activities of the wearer, is concerned with correcting any posture problems. If the tracking part does not offer particular innovations, measuring the steps and the distance traveled and the calories consumed, the real news is in controlling the posture.

Also in this case, a companion app, available on Google Play or the App Store, will allow you to collect data from the sensor and get directions on the correct posture to take, especially when sitting, but also in other situations.


Mevics can also be worn by children and adolescents, who often take wrong postures in the classroom or while they are studying. The small device will start to vibrate, warning who wears it, when the back position is incorrect, ending only with the correct posture. The cost of the device is $ 49, about $ 43, with deliveries that should start in December.




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