Telegram will continue to keep private data private

After receiving numerous pressures from the authorities of the Russian Federation, Pavel Durov, the founder of the famous Telegram application, agreed to formally register, thus adapting to the applicable laws. The confirmation comes from the Russian guarantor confirming that you have received the requested information.

With a series of postings on the various social networks, Pavel Durov has, however, wanted to point out how user data is still private and nothing has been shared. In recent days, authorities had repeatedly threatened to close the service on Russian soil if Durov did not allow authorities to access user messages.


According to the Russian Telegram government, it favors terrorist activities, as would be some investigations conducted following a recent suicide bombing. Durov has readily responded, stating that thousands of terrorist-related channels have been blocked, but Telegram’s closure will not solve the problem, as terrorists would simply resort to another service.
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