Cornerstone OnDemand strengthens the offering of People Analytics solutions

Cornerstone OnDemand potenzia l’offerta di soluzioni di People Analytics

Cornerstone OnDemand announces the availability of two new applications for People Analytics: Cornerstone Engage and Cornerstone Benchmark. Designed to provide companies with in-depth real-time information on staff, both products enable HR managers and top managers to take strategic decision-making on talent management that can have a positive impact on business results.

“With over 17 years of data stored in the cloud, Cornerstone OnDemand is at the forefront in applying analytics to staff decisions,” says Adam Miller, founder and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand. “Our People Analytics applications provide customers with real-time information about their staff, enabling them to act quickly for the good and the success of their business, without having to rely on intuition and improvisation.”

Employees involved in a high performance business

Cornerstone Engage, part of the Cornerstone Performance Suite, has been developed due to the profound effects that a workforce may have on a company’s performance. The application lets you measure the main factors of people’s engagement, such as attitudes towards corporate culture or the degree of satisfaction with the higher direct. Thanks to quick polls, combined with more traditional annual surveys, employees can provide honest and confidential feedback, online or smartphone, through a process that is now available to employees who do not have a pc. Once organizations have collected this information in real time, they can use a flexible dashboard to analyze the results deeply. At this point, companies can identify areas with more opportunities, develop effective action plans, and track changes to make sure they have actually taken all of the people’s tips, promoting a positive culture and growth.

Cornerstone Engage is the only integrated employee engagement product within a suite of human capital management. This means that businesses can quickly and easily implement Engage without having to retrieve historical data or information about each employee. In the upcoming release, you will also be able to analyze employee feedback along with data from other Cornerstone products, such as Cornerstone Performance and Cornerstone Learning, to determine what specific factors are most affecting engagement.

Cornerstone Customers like The Bon Ton Stores, Electrolux and The Peninsula Hotels are starting to use Cornerstone Engage to figure out what is more effective to motivate people and build specific action plans to improve the organization’s health. In addition to discovering crucial information about people, these organizations can offer their employees an open channel of feedback to let them hear their voice.

Benchmark of company performance for better decisions

Internal and external benchmarking are essential tools to help organizations approach a data-based decision-making model. Benchmarking can, however, be a long and expensive process if done manually. Only 35% of companies claim to use benchmark data to measure performance and make personnel decisions.

Attending petabytes of data for more than 3,000 customers and more than 31 million users around the world, Cornerstone Benchmark, part of the Cornerstone HR Suite, automates the benchmarking process to make it more useful, accurate, timely and cost-effective companies.

Using Cornerstone Benchmark, companies can identify and compare major HR metrics and talents with respect to both their internal teams – for example, measuring the IT function with respect to the Finance function – as well as external organizations – the same function in companies in the same sector or Of the same geographical area. With this real-time information, companies can find answers to questions about their health status, such as:

Workforce composition: what is the composition by gender of the staff? Are there differences compared to other companies in the industry?

· Trends: What are the average employees in the company? Is the turnover more or less high than the competition?

· Training and Development: how does the completion rate of training programs vary over time? Are there compliance risks with respect to competition?

· Selection: how are the costs of selection compared to other companies in the area? Is talent selection faster than companies in the same sector?

In addition to ensuring privacy, all Cornerstone Benchmark data is anonymized and aggregated before being shared outdoors, in accordance with the privacy policy.

Some Cornerstone customers including Comerica, SiteOne, Tractor Supply Company, The Warranty Group and Wayne County Airport Authority are starting to use Cornerstone Benchmark to identify this kind of staff trends and to anticipate, if necessary, any corrective action. By identifying and analyzing particular trends or disparities, these companies will have real-time data to support their business decisions.

Cornerstone Realize: An Innovative Approach to Software Implementation

The company also announced the availability of Cornerstone Realize, a state-of-the-art service that makes software simpler, faster, and more intelligent, and which translates sensibly into a crucial part of the entire customer experience. Cornerstone OnDemand’s innovative approach is to provide its customers with expert support that guides them step-by-step in the realization of software installation procedures, leaving companies more time to focus on a talent management strategy High impact on the business.

Part of a larger project launched by Cornerstone OnDemand to achieve operational excellence, the custom experience provided by Cornerstone Realise begins with a “smart guide” that helps customers better identify and share important and unique information for optimal use of software. Using this information, Cornerstone OnDemand experts start a stage pre-configuration phase, making sure it is set to better meet the specific needs of each customer – allowing you to interact with a solution that has been almost completely configured since the first day of use Of the software. The support provided at this stage by experts allows every customer to know exactly what will happen at any time of the process and makes it possible to use the platform at full capacity within eight weeks – with a reduction in the times generally required for the platform, Software deployment up to 50%.

For a 360-degree support, Cornerstone OnDemand also makes available the Cornerstone Edge Transform service that automates client data uploads on the Cornerstone platform and contributes to further downsizing of the software integration process.

“Our team of experts helps our customers to pursue and achieve quantifiable success by implementing, adopting and optimizing the Cornerstone OnDemand platform, and today, thanks to Cornerstone Realize, everything becomes easier and more immediate. Our new approach supports customers in facing the inevitable change that every new technology brings with it and making more and more prudent decisions to get better business results, “says Cornerstone OnDemand, Chief Operating Officer, Kirsten Helvey. “Ever since day one, we want to make the user experience exceptional, ensuring that our customers always feel supported, valued and listened to. We know that our success as a company is closely related to that of our customers and we firmly believe that Cornerstone Realise is a major step forward to ensure that Cornerstone and our customers are well prepared to thrive over time. “



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