Pokémon GO could celebrate its first anniversary with the arrival of Pikachu Shiny

How time flies when you’re having fun. E ‘already spent almost a year after the official launch of GO and Pokémon Niantic he seems determined to celebrate its first anniversary with a special surprise for all players.

According to sources, the company will use the most famous Pokémon ever, that is, the cute yellow rodent Pikachu, to celebrate this special occasion. In particular Niantic is expected to release a special version of Pokemon named Pikachu Shiny , they definitely know the fans of the Pokémon games well.

For Shiny means a rare version of the Pokémon in question characterized by a discolored and therefore very difficult to find. However satisfaction in being able to catch one is priceless and Pikachu Shiny, already present in the application code for some time, should be rare as much as the already known Shiny Magikarp.

Recently GO Pokémon has received a major update which introduced new gymnasiums and Raid Battles , so the appeal of the video game in question is far from waned. You still play there? Did you manage to catch a Pokémon Shiny so far?



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