Here is the first autonomous potato (yes, you read correctly)

While you enjoy fries, this man turned a potato autonomous vehicle.

For many, the potato is the ingredient that allows them to have fries to accompany their burger. For younger children and fans of Pixar, this is a toy that comes with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Matt Damon is his only way to survive on Mars and for players of Portal 2 , the potato is the only way to save when GLaDOS Weathley goes crazy. Because in addition to being a food, the potato is also a natural battery.

Hit the road, Potato !

Many schools offer workshops where children learn to light a bulb using a simple potato. But Marek Baczynski, this little experiment is not sufficient. The engineer decided to create the first apple autonomous ground of the world. Here Pontus, a potato able to roll in the direction of his choice, over distances of 7 centimeters. He even at times to follow the brave Marek Baczynski.

As a potato does not produce enough electricity, the engineer added a capacitor to accumulate enough energy to power the two electric motors. If Pontus is a pioneer in self potato, it has not had a happy ending. After a few days, Marek Baczynski found that Pontus had developed suicidal behavior. The tuber was actually very interested in the kitchen oven. The engineer decided to cook to respect his wish.



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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