10 years iPhone: How Apple reinvented the phone

10 Jahre iPhone: Wie Apple das Telefon neu erfunden hat

More than a billion sold iPhones have a successful history of 15 different models of the smartphone. How Apple has reinvented the phone, ComputerBase shows in retrospect on ten years of iPhone.
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Are you getting it?

Update 29.06.2017 11:55 clock

The Apple iPhone 10 years ago on June 29, 2007 went on sale. It was initially only in the USA in the shops of Apple and AT & T (at that time Cingular) with two-year contract for the price of 499 US dollar with 4 GB of memory or 599 US dollar with 8 GB of memory (in each case excluding VAT).

In Germany the iPhone from the 9th November of the same year could only be bought at the Deutsche Telekom at the price of 399 euros with two-year contract. Within the minimum contract term, it was also possible to use the network and the SIM card of Deutsche Telekom (SIM and Netlock).

It was January 9th, 2007, when Apple asked a group of journalists for a day from the CES in Las Vegas to San Francisco to the Macworld to present their first smartphone – not at that time As set. The first 30 years were only the beginning, it was on the invitation of Apple. Many journalists followed Apple’s appeal, left the hectic trade show of Nevadas to the left and instead listened to the now legendary presentation of the first iPhones by the solo entertainer Steve Jobs.

What Jobs on the stage had to show, however, sounded at first not so completely only after a new smartphone. Three revolutionary products should be shown: a widescreen iPod with touch control (applause), a revolutionary mobile phone (a lot of applause) and a groundbreaking Internet communicator (restrained clapping).

The new iPod, the mobile phone and the Internet Communicator should merge into a product a few minutes later. “These are not three seperate devices, this is one device. And we’re calling it … iPhone. “” Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone, “said Steve Jobs.

What Apple showed on the 9th of January in San Francisco, is considered a blueprint for what we nowadays understand under a smartphone. Devices such as the Nokia Communicator, the Palm Treo or the Motorola Q may have entered the market with some sleazy features, but they have never existed in the long term. The smartphone, as we know it for ten years, without buttons and only with large touch display on the front, has made Apple 2007 and no one else salonfähig.


„Multi-Touch – It works like magic“

Instead of having to rely on several rows of fixed keys beneath the display, which can not act independently of the application, Apple used to operate on multi-touch. Multi-touch is designed for use with your fingers. It should make a stylus superfluous, much more accurate than any previously offered touch display, ignore unintentional inputs and recognize multiple finger gestures.

Jobs should be right with all his allegations. The multi-touch display is the industry’s de facto standard and superior to any previous input method for phones. On the iPhone, however, Multi-Touch worked particularly well because the software, the operating system, was perfectly designed for it.


The iPhone without App Store

The very first iPhone had so far had never before been offered, but one thing, without which nowadays independent of the manufacturer no smartphone or tablet any longer manages, missed the first iPhone still: the App Store. More than 140 billion app downloads later, the App Store is no longer imaginable, neither for users in everyday life nor for developers as a fixed source of income. Only a year later with the iPhone 3G and the update on iPhone OS 2 it should celebrate its premiere.

„The S simply stands for speed“

With the iPhone 3G on the one hand the App Store on and on the other UMTS into the smartphone. The design should not change radically, not even a year later with the iPhone 3GS, which was delivered with a significantly faster processor, more memory, better cameras and the new iPhone OS 3.




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