Star Wars: Battlefront 2: Details to microtransactions

Star Wars: Battlefront 2: Details zu Mikrotransaktionen

Electronic Arts has given the YouTube channel BattlefrontUpdates a first insight into the functionality of the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 microtransaction system. At the heart of the concept are, as is currently the case, bagpipes whose contents are randomly allocated.

The current information comes from a version of the game for the EA Play on the E3 2017 and is presented with the hint that the system can still change. In essence, Electronic Arts wants to distribute skill cards, so-called “StarCards”, for characters and classes randomly in boot boxes. These boxes can be bought against credits or against real money – so much was clear already at the time of the Games fair.

How ingame currency can be earned is now executed: Credits are given to players through matched matches, for daily login as well as from crates. According to BattlefrontUpdates, there will be “probably” even more merit. Daily challenges are possible with which the mechanics would lean even more strongly on free-to-play systems.

Critical words, however, are not included in the video supported by EA, instead the positive aspects of the system are emphasized, including the many merits that can quickly degenerate into work, as well as the sense of happiness in obtaining a particularly rare card. Important questions, especially after the average income per hour, the number of the cards and the “profit chances” are excluded or can not yet be answered.

Rare is better

In addition to the StarCards, boxes can also contain credits as well as crafting parts, the rarity of the box or its price influences the quality of the contents. Tickets are included in five rarity levels. The more rare a card is, the greater the bonus granted. “Saber Defense” for Darth Maul, for example, reduces the damage obtained during the attack by 30, 40, 50 or “epic” rarity by 60 percent.

There are also “legendary” cards. These, according to the channel, are rare, even with increased drop chances and higher credit income of the played version, adding to the epic quality level a bonus effect which is not visible in normal maps. The Sentry card, which provides a heavy blaster for a limited period of time, is associated with a damage reduction of 5 percent for the duration of the effect.


While legendary cards can only be found in boxes, all remaining rarity levels can be purchased. This is where the crafting parts come in, with which cards can be upgraded to a higher level. Currently, the upgrade from “ordinary” to “unusual” quality 40, the jump to the next level 120 and the improvement of a “rare” to an “epic” card 400 parts. A box that was opened in the video contained 20 parts, double maps are converted automatically. Whether a double card is playing enough parts to improve another on its rarity is unclear. However, the leap to rare and epic cards will take time.

EA itself promised to introduce the game that paying customers would not gain any advantage and the spending of money would save only time. This seems even more questionable than before, because better maps bring at least small advantages. The decisive factor is not only the skill of a player. However, the impact of the system will depend primarily on the practical income, drop chances and the number of cards. A full assessment is thus only possible at the start of sales.



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