Vertu is learning at its expense that the market does not want a $20,000 luxury smartphone

The beauty of Android according to many is its versatility : you can spend hundreds of euro for a smartphone and have a top product in both design and performance, or much smaller numbers and purchase a device with a few compromises but still be able to manage most of the operations during daily life.

If you really do not accept compromises, you can always spend 20,000 US dollars and buy a smartphone branded Vertu: it is a company specialized in building luxury devices , sold at very high price. Obviously Vertu also produces cheaper products: for example, you can buy the average company’s range at just $ 9,000 (to rise).

No need to say that Vertu pointing to a narrow market niche , not the general public. A strategy, though, is proving to be just successful, as reported by The Telegraph: the employees are starting to worry about the non-arrival of salaries , reduction of production and contributions to pensions unpaid. Other sources claim that at the time Vertu also debts with suppliers (Qualcomm).

Much of the blame can be attributed to the company’s owner, Hakan Uzan , who bought Vertu in March by “Gary” Chen and still has not paid the agreed price, forcing Chen to take legal action against him. We’ll see how the story will evolve, but one thing is certain: sell at prices smartphone exaggerated to a user that although they can choose prefer to use iPhone, it is certainly not a great business idea.



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