Galaxy S8 (Plus): Update fixes problem with jerks only partially

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Galaxy S8 Update – The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus usually have enough computing power, so the performance runs smoothly. According to reports, however, the user interface of TouchWiz should experience noticeable delays when switching to the app overview from the homescreen. An update is to fix the problem.

Galaxy S8: Update to fix TouchWiz delay

With the latest Galaxy S8 (Plus), Samsung also delivered a new revised TouchWiz user interface. The blog Sammobile reported a few days ago that, for example, when switching from the homescreen to the app overview, a noticeable delay takes place.

Also, according to the Brecht, the phone when connecting to WLAN for a few seconds remain stuck and the Gboard keyboard even missed keys. An update is to correct the problem, according to a recent report from Sammobile.

Problems not completely eliminated

For a top model with current hardware, apps should not jerky, as well as the change between Homescreen and App overview without noticeable delay go. Apparently is not the integrated hardware from the Galaxy S8 the misbehavior, but Samsung’s in-house TouchWiz launcher. As reported by Sammobile, an update with the version is currently being implemented, which will, among other things, solve the problem in the Google Play Store.

The website PhoneArena was an improvement and the ruckers let noticeable, but the problem with the update is not quite fixed. The update of the TouchWiz launcher, however, brings yet another improvement. After installation, app titles are easier to read.


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