The OTT TV Box 4K withdrawn from the European market for risk of electric shock

L ‘ October 4K TV box , a’ Android TV that runs software¬† Kodi , has been recalled by the manufacturer in Europe because it was considered potentially very dangerous for user safety .

Recently, the European Commission also updated the pages on the safety of products to alert users and dealers and it seems that OTT TV Box 4K is unable to comply with the rules relating to low voltage and those on the standard EN 60065.

In essence, OTT TV Box 4K would not adequately isolated and the risk that the user touches parts supply unprotected would be high, with a consequent danger of being electrocuted . For this reason, the Community authorities have ordered the immediate recall of all models sold in the various member countries.

The OTT TV Box 4K, made in China, does not have a brand as the “offending” adapter is marked by ANU-050250A code.

The original complaint related to that product comes from the Finnish authorities to protect consumers and quickly found the European Union’s consent to an immediate withdrawal. The hope is that it will be implemented scrupulously and without delay.



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