Apple MacBook: Chrome continues to provide low battery life


Chrome weakens MacBooks

According to Vladimir Savlov, the problems that Chrome has had on the MacBook have not disappeared with the new versions. Neither the new MacBook – Savov tested the Pro model -, nor by the new MacOS version, nor by a Chrome update or plugins can change something about it. And the differences are considerable.

For example, the Google Browser requires more than 200 milliseconds to build a web page, which the Apple Browser Safari displays after 150 milliseconds. This does not sound much, but is still a third.


Also on YouTube no improvement

The fact that this is synonymous for the Google’s own platform YouTube may be particularly annoying, but it would be rather surprising, if now would be better. The case of Knaxus is not so easy to find, although the efforts are supposed to be there. At least an interest, the customer in this regard to harm, in order to sell their own products as the “better” can be excluded.

Nevertheless, it is especially noticeable when traveling that the overall additional load by Chrome also the running time deApple MacBook Hands on 14s battery goes to the knees … and indeed a whopping three and a half hours. The same test, the same procedures and the same scenarios, could be carried out by Savov much longer as soon as the Safari browser was used. The values ​​at the end of his test were: 13 hours 18 minutes with Safari, 9 hours 45 minutes with Chrome.

In principle, it is clear that the Safari browser on an Apple computer runs better, because this can be adapted to the special hardware, while more open browsers must support the most diverse combinations.

However, the distance is simply too great.




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