New MacBook is hard to repair and retrofit

About 2 years ago I went to the hard drive of my MacBook Pros from 2011 Hops. After I had brought my darling to an official Apple dealer, it was equipped with a new hard drive, but I was pretty hard to bend. Customers of the new MacBook, which is available in gray, silver and gold, are now likely to pay even more for repairs or upgrades. This suggests at least a professional teardown of iFixit, which gave the MacBook in the “Repairability” only one of ten points.

The reasons for this low score are numerous: processor, RAM devices and the SSD have been completely soldered together, which should make the exchange of individual components difficult or impossible. So if you are interested in the new MacBook, you should be satisfied with the specifications in the long term. Retrofitting is likely to be rather difficult.

But not only retrofitting, but also repairing could put the one or the other owner unimagined challenges: As usual, Apple used so-called Pentalobe screws, but this time the battery with a special glue glued to the housing. This can only be solved by professionals and is likely to take a long time. Less surprising is that the retina display can not be separated from the glass again. This was also the case with previous MacBook models.

In addition, the new USB Type-C port is installed underneath the display clamps and opening the case requires skill through the flat ribbon cable between the trackpad and the main board.



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