Telekom: All Inclusive World Option for non-EU countries

T-Mobile USATelekom All Inclusive World – The new All Inclusive World Option Telekom on July 3, 2017 brings an international package on the market that can be used outside the EU. The offer, however, is not a bargain with up to 79.95 euros per month.

Telekom All Inclusive World

How Cashys blog reports that Telekom is launching a new international option on the market that can be used primarily for communication outside the EU on July 3, 2017th The All Inclusive World option is aimed at the start of business customers, it says, and is in more than 100 countries. To what exactly it is, is not yet known.

are available 500 free minutes and 500 SMS to Germany and within the option countries per day. In addition, the included data volume in Germany and been booked amounts of data can be used in the Option countries at no extra charge. With SpeedOn used data can be reset.

Telekom All Inclusive World ab 59,95 Euro

The option is offered with a term of three to 24 months and is available depending on the commitment period under different conditions. Three-month period per month 79,95 Euro will be due, the two-year access costs EUR 59.95 per month. The prices are in addition to the regular fare prices.

The combination with the magenta mobile rates is possible, with the exception of the magenta mobile XL Premium. Here there were conflicts with the already included EU Flat Plus package, they say. Also CombiCard customers the all inclusive package can not book, there is also no possibility of combination with the options Worldwide, Smart Traveler, Freemove, DayPass with resale price, Asian option, All Inclusive, EU-Flat Plus and roaming Global.




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