Find the Pokémon GO Raid Battles in a few seconds thanks to this online map

After the biggest update ever came of Pokémon GO which introduced new gymnasiums and Raid Battles many have taken the adventure looking for Pokemon and battle with other coaches.

If you too are looking for these fights in cooperative and you are in an area with little provided, this tool will be able to return very useful. Through an online map provided by the site GymHuntr will be possible to flush out the Raid Battles closest to you in seconds and starting as soon as possible to defeat the raid boss together with your friends.

To easily find the Raid Battles in Pokémon GO So you can just log on to this site, enter in the field provided your address or location and click the small “Scan”. When did you appear all Gyms in colorful surroundings depending on the team that is currently in possession, in addition to showing a timer to the beginning or end of the Raid Battles. You can also click on each Gym for more information concerning the level, the Boss and the directions to it.

Right now the Raid Battles are open to all of 20 or higher level coaches, contrary to what initially established (first level 35, then 25 and now 20). Furthermore Raid Battles are not available at night, so if you want to take advantage of this handy map of GO Pokémon you’ll have to do it in daylight.



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