Federal Network Agency has switched off 52,000 local network call numbers

© ExQuisine - Fotolia.com52,000 local numbers off – The Federal Network Agency has shut down 52,000 local numbers that consumers have feigned your location, even though the resulting advertising companies were seed off in reality outside.

52.000 local numbers off

The Agency has taken action against numbers that feigned a location close to consumers, although the underlying businesses were not settled in the town. As the supervisory authority notifies the 52,000 numbers had been left to a dealer, who in turn distributed to companies which entertained no branches in the towns.

The local numbers were mainly used by relocation and clearing companies and locksmiths, who feigned them a physical proximity. Consumers who contacted the company in the belief that to call a service provider near were misled.

Federal Network Agency takes action against infringements of competition law before

“Consumers need to be confident that a phone number leads in your own area code to a local company,” said Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency. “We will continue to take a strong stance against companies, suggesting a local residence.”

The fake your location ensures among other things that distant companies will be contacted and actually go out locally based companies empty. In addition, may arise for consumers drawbacks, such as high travel costs incurred by the removal, or long waiting times, such as when a locksmith is needed. Affected are almost all of the 5,200 local network areas in Germany.




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