WhatsApp: Feature “Recall Messages” soon available

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WhatsApp “Recall Messages” – The Messenger WhatsApp is constantly trying to integrate new features. Just a few days ago a new photo function and gallery view was discovered in a beta version. An already known function to recall messages seems for the platforms Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone shortly before the start.

WhatsApp: Retrieve messages

WhatsApp message texts are usually entered very quickly, which means that writing errors are practically the order of the day. This may cause an unintended, possibly embarrassing, text to be sent as a message.

For the iOS, Android and WindowsPhone platforms, a new feature will be available soon, which will allow you to recall messages within a set period of time.

New features explained by WhatsApp

The “Recall messages” function is confirmed, as WhatsApp explains on its website in advance how the innovation works for all three platforms. “The Recall feature lets you retrieve a specific message that you sent in an individual chat or group. You can only retrieve messages up to five minutes after sending them. After these five minutes, messages can not be recalled. Messages that were successfully recalled will disappear from the chat of your contacts, “is the explanation.

To successfully use the new feature, you must install the latest version of the WhatsApp application, as well as the receiver, otherwise, “Do not call back” works. If, for whatever reason, selected messages are not recalled, WhatsApp informs the sender about this. In the next days, “Recall Messages” should be available.



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