Snapdragon 450: Qualcomm brings 14 nm and more clock into the middle class

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 450 Mobile Platform as the new top-of-the-line 400-series smartphone. It is the first time that Qualcomm offers the efficient 14-nm manufacturing of Samsung outside the 600 and 800 series. Qualcomm promises longer running times, but also more performance.

Up to 4 hours longer running times

The manufacturing process 14LPP (Low PowerPlus) initially ensures that the package of the chip is physically smaller. However, the lower energy consumption of the system-on-a-chip achieved by the more efficient production process is more important to the end user in everyday life. Qualcomm has carried out its own measurements on the basis of two smartphones with 2.750 mAh battery – one with Snapdragon 435, the previous top model of the series, the other with new Snapdragon 450.

On average, a smartphone with Snapdragon 450 Mobile Platform would achieve an up to four hours longer running time than with Snapdragon 435, says the announcement. In detail, up to one and a half days of talk time, eight days of music playback, 18 hours of video playback, seven hours of video recording, 15 hours of gaming and 14 hours of video streaming via the mobile network. The integrated LTE modem is again the Snapdragon X9 for up to 300 Mbps downstream and 150 Mbps upstream. WLAN is supported with 802.11ac and MU-MIMO


CPU and GPU each deliver 25 percent more power

Games are a good catchphrase for the propagated additional power of the chip. As in the Snapdragon 435 eight ARM Cortex-A53 still form the CPU. By increasing the maximum clock speed from 1.4 to now 1.8 GHz, the output is to increase by 25 percent. The chip supports LPDDR3 memory in the single channel with now 933 instead of 800 MHz. The performance of the new Adreno 506 GPU is also expected to be 25 percent higher than the Adreno 505 of the Snapdragon 435. However, Qualcomm does not reveal on demand how the performance is achieved, ie, with more arithmetic cores or simply higher clocks. When playing, the FPS is not only to increase by 25%, but also to reduce consumption by 30%.

However, in order not only to throw numbers of higher raw materials, Qualcomm also provides information on behavior in everyday life. Apps are expected to start at a noticeable rate: for social media apps, Qualcomm cites 20 percent, e-mail is also 20 percent, Google Maps should start 15 percent faster and games still 10 percent faster.


Real-time bokeh and HEVC support

The trend towards smartphones with dual camera supports Qualcomm in the lower segment with an expansion of the previous capabilities. Instead of two sensors, each with 8 megapixels, two 13 megapixels are now possible – or alternatively, as previously, 21 megapixels on just one sensor. The chip is now also able to calculate in real time a bokeh for the background and display on the screen before the image is shot. With the previous support of dual cameras in the Snapdragon-400 series the depth of the blur could only be created in the following. In the field of video recording, the complete encoding and decoding of HEVC in up to Full HD with 60 instead of 30 FPS is new.

18:9-Display, USB 3.0 und Retina-Scanner-Support

New for the Snapdragon 450 are also adjustments such as the support of 18: 9 screens with the resolution FHD +. Instead of 1,920 pixels, 2,160 pixels are now possible. When transferring data to the PC, USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen1) is now supported with up to 5 Gbit / s. For the first time within the 400 series, the chip can be used for biometric authentication via a retina scanner.

First smartphones with Snapdragon 450 towards the end of the year

Smartphone manufacturers will receive the Snapdragon 450 Mobile Platform according to Qualcomm during the third quarter. The chip is pin-compatible with the Snapdragon 625 and 626. Consumer products for end users are expected to be available by the end of the year. Qualcomm will continue to offer the Snapdragon 435, but in the course of time it will come to a slow replacement of the previous top model.



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