Samsung updates the app to switch from iPhone to Galaxy

Samsung aggiorna l’app per passare da iPhone a Galaxy

The battle between Apple and Samsung is also played with shots under the belt. On several occasions Apple tried to persuade Galaxy owners to switch to iOS and the same thing the Korean company did with those in the hands of an iPhone. Today, Samsung has updated the US version of its Smart Switch support page, an app that allows you to easily transfer stored content to a smartphone to one that uses a different operating system. Obviously the software is designed to make phone, phone, photo, music and apps easier to move from iOS to Android.

First of all, the Smart Switch page has been made easier to consult. Samsung clarifies that the program allows you to transfer a large amount of data from an Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile device to a Galaxy smartphone automatically and quickly. The procedure can be done either through the app in wireless mode, connecting the two terminals via cable or via Mac and PC after downloading the desktop version of the software. The Smart Switch Italian page has not been modified yet, but it is likely that the update will arrive shortly.

Just last month, Apple launched a new campaign aimed at convincing users to abandon Android for iOS. Mela has created a series of videos showing the advantages of its operating system compared to its rivals. For those who want to change platform but fear that the steps are too complex, we provide this simple guide to transfer everything you need from an iOS Android smartphone and vice versa.



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