Lawnchair is a new launcher based on the Pixel Launcher

After seeing a few weeks ago customization Pixel Launcher leading some exclusive features of Google smartphone on all devices, we are talking about a very similar project, carried out once again in collaboration with and on the same basis.

Let’s talk about  Lawnchair , developed by  Deletescape in collaboration  crossover with Amir Zaidi developer. Again we have added features that work without the need to have root permissions enabled and bringing some features like Google Now cards, Pixel Pill, support for icon pack, and more.

All features in Pixel Launcher on Android 8.0 O, and available exclusively on Google smartphone. We will find then the notification badge on the app, the new shortcuts and previews of notifications. You can find the latest version of Lawnchair  this Github repository as files  apk to install on your smartphone.



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