A little bugger disturbs the new version of Pokémon GO, which returns to the top of the charts

When it seemed that the hopes were destined to be disappointed, a new big upgrade came in the days to bring a new vital lymph to Pokémon GO, enabling it to quickly scale the ratings in the stores. In the App Store, the title rose from twenty-sixth to sixth in a few weeks, confirming the renewed interest of players who seemed to have liked the restyling of gyms and the new collaborative mode.

A bug is, however, bringing some annoyance to the rediscovered coaches, preventing them from exploiting one of the most interesting novelties. If you had the chance to duel in a new gym you should have come across a glitch that prevents players after the promo to place their own Pokémon in the gym just won.

A message appears, indicating that the gym is under attack, although the battle is actually over. Pending a new Pokémon GO update that can correct the problem, you have some alternatives to circumvent the obstacle and leave your Pokémon in the Gym.

The first chance is to wait 5-10 minutes, so the Gymnastic objects will recharge and try to repeat the insertion of the Pokémon. The second possibility is to close the game and restart it without having to wait for even a minute. Has this inconvenience occurred? Have you found other methods to work around this problem? The comment box is at your disposal.

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