Augmented Reality: Apple is buying eye tracking specialist SensoMotoric

Augmented Reality: Apple kauft Eye-Tracking-Spezialist SensoMotoric

Apple has taken the German eye tracking specialist SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) according to Macrumors. The technology of the company located in Teltow (Brandenburg) is used for augmented reality applications. The application ranges from the driver’s cab of a car to intelligent glasses.

Wide range of eye tracking solutions

SensoMotoric offers hardware and software tools for a wide range of applications. These include clinical studies, market research, neurosciences, linguistics and biomechanics. For Apple most interesting is the areas Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality be.

The company has developed solutions for the detection of eye movement for VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, which analyze the headset wearer’s gaze and help mitigate any dizziness during use. The technology also helps to navigate through view menus or to play in games.

The company’s eye tracking glasses recognize the natural look of the wearer in real time with a sampling rate of 120 hertz. Athletes, for example, can use the analysis data to optimize their behaviors.

Purchase via straw company

Apple has so far neither confirmed nor denied the deal. The iPhone group expressed its opposition to Axios only with the standard response, which Apple bought from time to time smaller technology companies and did not speak about the related purposes or plans.

As a result, Vineyard Capital Corporation bought the company’s shares from SensoMotoric. Vineyard Capital Corporation is considered as a straw company Apples, which the Group uses to conceal company acquisitions and other economic acts.

What exactly Apple is doing with SensoMotoric and whether the 60 employees of the German company keep their jobs is not known. For the supposed iris recognition of the iPhone 8 comes the purchase too late. Apple’s offensive might benefit in the next few years but from SensoMotoric.

Repeatedly there were speculations about an intelligent data glasses from Apple, whereby Apple responsible persons a few years ago decided still against glasses solutions.


Apple relies on Augmented Reality

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is pushing forward the Augmented Reality development of the Group. The technology has enormous potential, according to Cook. At the in-house development meeting WWDC, Apple presented ARKit with a framework for the iOS 11, which will be released this autumn, enabling developers to develop augmented reality apps for the iPhone and iPad.

The Made With ARKit website collects examples of how third-party apps have been developed with Apple’s Augmented Reality interface.




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