Free roaming: the use of data connection and calls in EU countries is growing

As you surely know if you follow us, since last June 15 you can finally use your national rate also in the rest of the EU countries (plus Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway); with this change are already registered large data traffic increases and the number of phone calls made while roaming.

The data, from Starhome Mach , show that some operators have already registered a 50% increase in data roaming and 25% on voice calls, that are becoming longer; in less than two weeks, therefore, as provided by the company, there is already a considerable response from consumers, who were previously forced to give up the connection or pay so salty.

According Starhome Mach in the coming weeks, ahead of the summer holidays, roaming traffic is bound to increase even more than 400% , and it is quite understandable.

If you have to go abroad we will still want to check the thresholds to you previously, because some operators, including Vodafone, do not allow to always use all the national supply GB. For more information on roaming-like-at-home we invite you, if you have not already done so, read our feature article, you will find linked below.



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