Eurosport-Player for Bundesliga-Live-Games from 9.99 Euro

Euro Sport player for Bundesliga – Discovery has acquired 2017/2018 40 live matches of the soccer Bundesliga from the Bundesliga season. Since Monday Euro Sports markets the Bundesliga games via its own Euro Sport player and has also adjusted the prices.

Bundesliga games with Euro Sport Player

Discovery has secured the TV rights to the 30 Friday games and five games Sunday and Monday games of the soccer Bundesliga from the Bundesliga season. In addition, Discovery shows the relegation matches of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga and the Supercup.

After Discovery so far been unable to agree with Sky and other providers over the dissemination of the acquired live matches on the Euro Sport Player on the Internet on the transmitter are Euro Sports 2 HD Extra shown. These Euro Sport has adjusted the subscription rates of the Euro Sport Player.

Euro Sport Player access from 9.99 EUR

Until August 31, 2017 Euro Sport offers on the website an annual subscription to one-off price of 29.99 euros. Optional customers have the opportunity one day fit for a price of 9.99 euros to acquire. In both packages also all the bonus channels are included in addition to the Bundesliga. So far, the Euro Sport player was available as an annual subscription for a month or 4.99 euros with monthly termination for 6.99 euros.

With the market launch of the euro sports player, the company Discovery has also obtained a restraining order against a pay-TV provider Sky, who allegedly still advertises in many cases with “all Bundesliga games.” Here, Sky had already adjusted the advertising of the football package in recent weeks and only advertises 572 Bundesliga games.



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