New brands for the Dash Button from Amazon

Amazon is extending its selection of Dash Buttons in France and allows members of the Amazon Prime program to order more than 700 daily products that include coffee brands such as Duracell and Ansmann, Love & Green).

The most popular brands in France today are Ariel (Procter & Gamble), Handy Bag (Cofresco-Melitta), Kleenex (Kimberly Clark), Pampers (Procter & Gamble) and Signal (Unilever).

As a reminder, the Dash Buttons are a simple way for Amazon Prime customers to order their everyday products. After setting up the button via the Amazon app on smartphone, this Wi-Fi enabled device allows customers to easily order their favorite products. As soon as customers start running out of a product, a simple push on the Dash Button launches an order for the product concerned, allowing you to be replenished within 1 business day on the eligible products, while benefiting from the same attractive prices as Those offered on Once the order is placed, users receive a notification on their mobile phone confirming, among other information, the delivery date as well as the invoiced price. And there is no risk of passing several consecutive commands by pressing the Dash Button several times: it is deactivated until the command is received. The Dash Buttons are available at a price of € 4.99, and this amount is deducted from the first order of eligible products after the first press.




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