O2: LTE roaming in over 100 countries and 160 networks

O2 LTE roaming – o2 already offers roaming in the LTE network in over 100 countries and over 160 networks. Due to the high availability, o2 customers can surf the net with highspeed in almost all countries of the world, promises the network operator.

o2 LTE-Roaming

O2 customers can not only access LTE here, but also use the data turbo abroad. As the network operator tells, LTE roaming is now available in more than 100 countries and over 160 networks. “Customers from Telefónica Germany, who have booked a data roaming option through their postpaid contract, are benefiting from the advantages of super-mobile mobile surfing in almost every country in the world,” the company said.

The LTE network cover is one of the largest in the world, explains the company. Customers can not only send friends and relatives from the holidays a greeting, but also share travel experiences in the social networks and access information on the spot.


o2 Roaming in 100 Ländern

“We are pleased to offer LTE roaming to our customers around the world. People nowadays always and everywhere will be able to share snapshots or stories by video from the holiday with their friends or family. With our global LTE offering, we meet this need, “says Vassilena Unrau, Head of International Roaming at Telefónica Germany.

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