WhatsApp demonstrates how the Message Revocation function works

It seems that the arrival of the much function  Revocation in  WhatsApp is really imminent, as we had announced a few days ago. The company owned by Facebook has indeed published a detailed description of the function into the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

We thus discover that through the function  Revocation we can recall a specific message by both individual chat is from those of the group, with a definite limit. It will in fact only five minutes to change his mind, after which it will no longer be possible to intervene and delete it.

It is a period of time sufficient however, if we were to realize that he had sent a message to the wrong chat, something that seems to happen with high frequency. To revoke a message on  WhatsApp for Android, simply press and hold to select it, open the menu and select “Withdrawal.”

The sender and receiver will still see the message ” This message has been lifted ” so it will be necessary in some cases, work of fiction to justify the cancellation of a particular message, and have a plausible excuse ready. Recall that both the sender and the recipient must have the latest version of  WhatsApp . If in fact that the recipient, for example, had an older version, the feature will not be supported. In this case he can still view the message and the sender will not come any notification about the correctness of Revocation.

A situation a little ‘complicated, at least until all users will not have completed the upgrade to the new version which should arrive within days.



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