IOS 11: Important notes for the 1st Public Beta for iPhone and iPad

iOS 11: Wichtige Hinweise zur 1. Public Beta für iPhone und iPad

Apple has released the first public beta version of iOS 11. Most of iOS 11’s innovations introduced by Apple to WWDC at the beginning of June are already included. The version is the second beta for developers and does not work without errors. Interested parties should note a few important notes.

Performance and battery life at a high level

Compared to the first Beta for developers provided by Apple to the WWDC, the now released version is already a big step forward. The first beta had a lot of trouble with the performance, on the devices used by ComputerBase of the type iPhone SE (test) and iPhone 7 Plus (test), the battery life also fell significantly: with frequent usage, the smartphones did not survive one day.

With the 2nd beta for developers, which is now available to all interested users, these two biggest problems are largely ruled out: Ruckler does not occur any longer and the recharge time approaches the iOS 10 last known level.

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Display errors and problems with the camera

Up until now, Apple has not been fixed in the everyday life often encountering problems with the representation of the media player on the blocking screen, which is only partially represented. And also the camera is not working reliably: Often the picture remains after the start only blurred or completely black, only several times closes the app creates remedy. Whoever often creates snapshots in everyday life should therefore make this beta a bit more elaborate. A new error of the last beta is the control of the brightness via the control center: the brightness of the display changes without user intervention.

Other fall cords are less problems than changes in iOS 11, which require users to adapt. For example, the configuration of AirPlay devices for playback of audio is no longer in the control center, but only in the respective app. Also the new animations when opening and closing apps need some days, until they are again perceived as usual.

Not only on small end devices such as the iPhone SE encounter the significantly larger fonts negative in some applications of Apple. Even on the iPhone 7 Plus the overview of the weather of the coming days in the weather app is less extensive, because the representation is larger. On a 4-inch iPhone, the new App Store, with its large font, appears to be almost out of place.


In the end, however, both of ComputerBase’s developers spent the last week with the 2nd beta for developers used iPhones in everyday life, however, problems such as non-functioning news apps or the failure of the WLAN did not exist. Nevertheless, the first public beta of iOS 11 still shows its problems in the everyday life, which should weigh interests.

32-bit apps no longer start

Users can also remember that iOS 11 does not support 32-bit applications anymore – the operating system is designed for 64-bit only. 32-bit applications that run on iOS 10 sporadically more slowly, because there is no 64-bit update so far, do not start at iOS 11 anymore. Basically this process can not be stopped, iOS 11 appears in autumn. However, the pressure on the developers in the Betaphase is not yet so great, but still to be active, so ultimately deployed updates for affected apps could be something to wait.

Public Betas also for macOS, tvOS

Parallel to the first public beta of iOS 11, Apple has also released first preview versions on macOS “High Sierra” and the new tvOS for the 4th generation Apple TV. While the software for Apple TV can already be obtained, however, the distribution of the first beta of macOS at the moment is still out. Participants in the Betaprogramm are still only offered the 4th beta of macOS 10.12.6.

Log in to the public beta

To the public Beta, all users can log on to with their Apple ID. The registration of betas for iOS, macOS and tvOS can be done separately. If a terminal no longer participates in the beta, the configuration file previously installed for participation must be removed again. On iOS 11, for example, you can do this under “Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management”



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