1 & 1 becomes Drillisch premium brand at higher prices

1&1 erhöht Surfgeschwindigkeit1 & 1 as a Drillisch premium brand– Mobile customers have to reckon with higher prices after the takeover of 1 & 1 by Drillisch. Drillisch would like to establish the brand 1 & 1 as a premium brand and ban the previous “cheap image”.

1 & 1 is to be Drillisch premium marke

The mobile phone and Internet provider 1 & 1 has made a name for itself with favorable offers on the telecommunications market. But this will change in the future, if Drillisch’s CEO, Vlasios Choulidis, wants to. In an interview with the Reuters news agency, Choulidis announces the first plans to redesign the brand 1 & 1.

“1 & 1 will be our premium brand – even in other sales channels than before. Our products will be qualitatively better, and accordingly the price will be adjusted, “Drillisch announced. “This will also change the perception that Drillisch is primarily for the favorable price segment.” Drillisch has so far been known primarily through low-priced brands such as PremiumSIM, winSIM DeutschlandSIM and Simply. Drillisch will also continue to pursue the multi-brand strategy.

Shareholders must agree to take over

The prerequisite for the takeover is that Drillisch shareholders agree to the transaction of United Internet AG on July 25th. However, Choulidis is confident that this goal will be achieved, as the merger of both mobile telecoms is expected to generate large synergies that will benefit the shareholders in the medium to long term.

With the acquisition of 1 & 1, Drillisch sees itself with 12 million customers on the same level with the three network operators o2, Telekom and Vodafone. “At the same time, we have the potential to face every new entrant,” Choulidis told Reuters. “Due to the size we reach, we can procure advance services and mobile phones on more attractive terms than we could have done on our own.”

More o2 network utilization by 1 & 1 customers

At the same time Drillisch wants to take advantage of the 1 & 1 takeover the acquired network capacities in the o2 network better. “We have a very good contract with O2. We will focus on the O2 network, “said Choulidis. Still, Drillisch would like to continue to serve customers who prefer the Vodafone mobile network. For this reason, there will also be mobile phone offers in the Vodafone network. However, Choulidis will not enter into the business with the Telekom: “I do not see the advantage that we would have from a new contract with Telekom. We do not want to get bogged down. ”

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