Telegram risks the ban in Russia if it does not deliver its data to the authorities

The Russian agency in charge of the communications industry control has asked Telegram the ability to have access to some of the data stored in its database, threatening otherwise its blockade.

The founder Pavel Durov explained that Russian authorities want to be put in the ability to decipher the messages of users so that we can identify and fight the terrorists who use this popular service.

It appears that many are terrorists who exploit Telegram (and its powerful encrypted system) to coordinate their actions and that even if the service team has already taken steps to block the alleged ISIS groups and neighboring channels.

That Russia could become a dangerous precedent for fact Telegram: are different, the countries that aspire to gain control over messages that users of this popular service is exchanged daily (United States and Iran, to cite two recent examples).

When Telegram does not seem willing to cede to pressure from the Russian government and Pavel Durov on social response it was sharp: “If you want to defeat terrorism blocking services or apps, then you have to block the Internet directly” .



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