Patches for AMD Ryzen: Clearly more FPS in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Patches für AMD Ryzen: Deutlich mehr FPS in Rise of the Tomb Raider

The performance of applications depends very much on how well they interact with the hardware. The fact that AMD’s CPU architecture Zen is still necessary to catch up is shown by the game Rise of the Tomb Raider. Through the latest patch the FPS with the Ryzen 7 1800X increase by about 28 percent.

AMD made a noteworthy performance leap at the weekend in their own gaming blog based on their own test results. The system consisted of the eight-core processor Ryzen 7 1800X, which was combined with a GeForce GTX 1080 and 16 GB of RAM. Under Windows 10, the game was run at a resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 with the medium and high presets. The average image rate (FPS) between the older version 767.2 and the new version 770.1 was compared. In the medium preset the picture rate rose by almost 30 percent, with the high-preset it was just under 26 percent.


The great performance jump is justified by the developers of the game as follows:

Rise of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb Raider of the Tomb – the game can be more efficient exploit extra threads on the host CPU.

Crystal Dynamics
In summary, threads on the CPU are used more efficiently and the overhead is reduced. Whether it is synonymous Intel CPUs with many threads comparable advantages obtained through the patch, it still remains to find out. According to the studio, it is not an AMD-exclusive adaptation.

In the graphics program ZBrush it goes down from seconds to milliseconds

The performance increase in the graphics program ZBrush is significantly more drastic, but more difficult to classify. The necessary time for placing a light source (Ligh Placement) was measured with a similarly equipped test system including Ryzen 7 1800X. In version 4R7 the computer still needed 22.5 seconds for the task. In version 4R8 it was only 11 milliseconds.


At this point, however, AMD leaves a more than necessary explanation. Whether the result was extremely miserable or outstanding after the patch outstanding, the question is. A combination of both would also be conceivable.

On the software base for Zen is plentifully screwed

These are only recent examples of the advanced software optimization for AMD’s Zen architecture and the AM4 platform. To the market launch of the Ryzen 7 (test) had mainly mainboards with start difficulties like unripe BIOS versions to fight. This was followed, among other things, by microcode adaptations against crashes when executing FMA3 commands and the Overclock Sleep Bug, an optimized energy saving profile by means of a chipset driver for Ryzen under Windows 10 or BIOS updates for improved RAM compatibility.

There were already adjustments from the game developers. With a similar approach as for Crystal Dynamics a patch for Dota 2 was developed and an optimization for Ryzen was announced for the upcoming engine of id software. Recently, AMD also released a list of compatible RAM kits for Ryzen.

AMD Zen did not have much time to mature

The fact that the software often does not cooperate optimally with the Ryzen CPUs has several reasons. On the one hand, Zen is a completely new CPU architecture, the properties and potential of which is still to be explored in some places. On the other hand, it is obvious that the software industry has, in the last few years, mainly oriented itself to the market leader Intel. This has an immense lead over AMD in the market shares and has since Sandy Bridge also no groundbreaking changes in the CPU architecture presented. Accordingly, the interplay with the software could mature for years.



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