Simply: Actonstarif with 15 and LTE for 24.99 Euro

Simply Actionstarif with 15 GB – Until mid-July, the simply LTE 10,000 with a higher data volume is ready. Instead of the usual 10 GB monthly 15 GB can be used with LTE speeds. The simply action star is similar to the o2 Free 15 offered on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the o2 brand.

Simply Actionstarif with 15 GB

In the Onlineshop of simply, the LTE 10,000 is ready with a higher data volume by 15 July 2017. The action rate seems to be based on the o2 Free 15, which is also offered for action and is available on the occasion of the 15th birthday of the o2 brand.

The simply action rate costs 24.99 euros per month and includes a voice and SMS flat rate in all German mobile and fixed networks as well as a mobile data record with maximum surfing speeds of 225 Mbps. These are implemented in the LTE network of o2. Regularly, the LTE 10,000 offers a monthly volume of 10 GB, due to action simply increases the data volume to 15 GB.

Simply LTE 10,000 with 15 GB

Once the volume limit has been reached, data acquisition takes place, which posts up to three times an additional volume of 100 MB at the price of 2 euros each. The data can be deactivated as required. A fixed term does not exist, the tariff can be terminated at any time with a term of 30 days at the end of the month. If no termination occurs, a renewal period of one month is regularly carried out.

In addition to the inclusive services in Germany, an international package is available for use in EU countries. This contains a voice and SMS flat from the EU to Germany as well as in the respective Reiseland (including Switzerland) and a mobile data sheet with 1 GB volume. The EU tariffs valid as of June 15, 2017 can be chosen as an alternative, but this is not the default.

At, the action rate of 15 GB is available until 15 July 2017.

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