Windows 10: part of the code has been spread over the web

Windows 10: parte del codice è stata diffusa sul web

Microsoft is definitely embarrassed. Last week, a portion of Windows 10 source code was published online on the BetaArchive site, which is usually interested in various Redmond operating system updates. Specifically, it refers to files related to USB drivers, storage, and Wi-Fi. According to The Register, 32 TB data would be stolen and in this case it would be a leak greater than that of Windows 2000 over 13 years ago. The Verge has made a very low estimate and speaks only 1.2 GB as many of the files are already available for months thanks to the various Windows 10 builds.

Microsoft has made a bad figure but can console itself with the fact that the stolen code is part of the Shared Source Kit and is therefore long-time available to developers, businesses and governments that have participated in the initiative. “Our review confirms that these files are actually a part of the source code that comes from the Shared Source initiative, and is used by OEMs and partners,” said a Redmond company spokesman who apparently had involuntarily had a An important role in the birth of iPhone. Among stolen files, there are also Windows 10 Mobile Adaption Kit, some builds of Windows 10 Creators Update, and versions of the ARM platform operating system. However, the owner of BetaArchive has already removed all the material, emphasizing that he has done it on his own initiative and without any pressure from Microsoft. According to The Verge, source code hacking would be linked to an investigation in the United Kingdom for unauthorized access to the Redmond network, which led to the arrest of two people. One of them would be a donor of the site.




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