“Yes” -big on the phone: cases are increasing

© ExQuisine - Fotolia.comYes-rip-off on the telephone – The Abzock-stitch on the phone, which is wiped over from the USA, is increasing. The Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia warns against dubious callers, who want to sneak up with “yes” with seemingly simple questions.

Yes rip-off on the phone

In February, a new rip-off took place in the USA, which has also been increasing in Germany for some time. As reported by the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia, the dubious calls are increasing. Consumers should therefore be particularly careful.

The trick behind the rip-off lies in the “yes”, which cheats the innocent about harmless questions and subsequently use without knowledge of the called. On the telephone, consumers are asked, for example, whether they can understand the caller or whether their name is correct. The clear “yes”, which usually follows automatically such a question, is recorded among other things.

Invoices and contracts after Yes rip-off

“A few days later the contract documents or invoices are received. The sender claims that the affected parties would have voted on the telephone, “explains the Consumer Center Saxony. The “yes” in response to a harmless question a few days earlier has been reinterpreted for these purposes or even cut into a fake conversation which is to confirm the conclusion of the contract.

Anyone who receives contract documents or invoices after such a call does not have to pay them, but should not ignore them, advises the consumer center. The unjustified claim should be rejected in writing, the Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia provides various sample letters for this purpose.

Phone rip-off

In order not to fall into such a trap at all, the consumer protectionists advise:

To avoid a “yes” in a phone call would be consistent, but is hardly realistic. To react to unknown callers:

  • Answer questions throughout the sentence. For example, “Can you hear me?” With “I hear you”.
  • Tell the caller with certain tone that you are not interested. In doubt, just hang up.

Further information and help in case of emergency will be given to those affected at the consumer centers.

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