Mytaxi detects Clever Taxi, the leading taxi driver in Romania

myTaxi detects Clever Taxi, the taxi app leaders in Romania

myTaxi , the taxi app for leaders in Europe, announced that it has acquired 100% of the Clever Tech properties, the operator of the popular app Clever Taxi to book your taxi in Romania. With this acquisition, myTaxi consolidates its presence in the international mobility market and strengthens its position as a leading taxi company in Europe.

The parties agreed not to divulge details of the deal, but said that the value of the acquisition has been agreed for an undisclosed sum to eight digits.

Clever Taxi was founded in 2010 by Mihai Rotaru and Alexandru Dumitru. It is active in the 20 largest cities in the country, has 17,000 registered taxi drivers and about 600,000 customers. Since 2010, Clever Taxi has completed more than 40 million journeys in Romania and is the company’s most important taxis in the country. For now, the brand Clever Taxi will continue to exist, so the taxi drivers and taxi Clever customers can continue to use the service to which they are accustomed.

With this strategic acquisition, myTaxi accelerates international expansion of the app to book your taxi in Europe. Launched in 2009, myTaxi is the first app in the world that allows a direct connection between customers and taxi drivers. With a total volume of over 10 million downloads, more than 120,000 registered taxi drivers and availability in more than 70 cities in ten – eleven soon – European countries, myTaxi is the leading app for taxis. Romania will become the eleventh country in Europe in which it will be active myTaxi.

Andrew Pinnington, CEO of myTaxi said: “We are very happy to welcome Clever Taxi myTaxi within the family. First-taxi app in Romania with 17,000 taxis and 600,000 customers, Clever Taxi perfectly reflects the mission of myTaxi. The latter acquisition stresses, in fact, the common ambition to develop and increase more and more the urban mobility in Europe. It is another step forward to make myTaxi the largest taxi provider, as well as better and more beloved in Europe, able to bring each day a little ‘magic in our cities. ”

Klaus Entenmann, Daimler Financial Services: “myTaxi is an essential component of our mobility offering that is always at hand for our millions of users around Europe.”

Mihai Rotaru, co-founder and CEO of Clever Taxi, says: “We are very excited to join myTaxi as this acquisition will allow us to carry on the vision that both companies share in the transport market. Since 2010 Clever Taxi has innovated the way people move around the Romanian city. myTaxi is for us the ideal partner because we are both committed to investing in the local market, to provide a form of authorized transportation that is safe, reliable and legal, as well as to help people to move into their own more freely city, through solutions technologically advanced mobility. We are pleased to be working with this new team and we are ready to jointly develop additional innovative mobility solutions for both drivers and passengers. In addition, we intend to create a local center for Research and Development (R & D) in Bucharest that provides new global mobility technologies “.



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