WhatsApp is becoming a source for news in many countries

WhatsApp continues to expand its scope and in some countries this instant messaging service has even become the platform where users can safely and securely share the latest news.

According to a study conducted by the Reuters Institute (with over 70,000 respondents), more and more people are starting to exploit WhatsApp instead of Facebook to get news (up to 51% in Malaysia and 46% in Brazil).


Although there are still so many who prefer Facebook to find out what’s happening in the world, compared to last year, the proportion of those who use Zuckerberg’s social network for these purposes is declining.

To foster the spread of news on WhatsApp were data packages including free access to this service offered by mobile operators to their customers in many countries and the security system secured by this messaging app, ideal to be able to do Turn anti-government news into areas where full freedom and democratic rights are not fully guaranteed.




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