Take Two & amp; Paradox: Steam reviews become protests

Take Two & Paradox: Steam-Bewertungen werden Protestmittel

Two publishers have driven their customers to the barricades in a short time. While Take Two gave the vendors of OpenIV, the most important Mod tool for GTA V, a warning, Paradox Interactive raised the prices just before the Summer Sale on Steam.

Valuations become a weapon

This, however, had quick and profound consequences for both companies. The massive annoyance of the buyer was reflected in the user reviews on Steam, which quickly fell into the ground. GTA V is currently rated “extremely negative”, only 13 percent of the roughly 54,800 ratings of the past 30 days are positive, overall the title is only a balanced ranking.

The Rolling Game Pillars of Eternity by Paradox Interactive was a similar fate. In the last 30 days, only 31 percent of 229 users rated the title positively, the classification is now “largely negative”, but the overall very positive assessment has not changed here. Europe Universalis IV, which gained only 26 per cent positive ratings in the last 30 days, fell more sharply in the last 30 days. A similar downturn affects most of the publisher’s games, although the overall rating remains positive over all ratings since release.

In both cases, users have left no doubt as to the reason for their negative ratings, and in the case of Paradox there was also frustration over an impertinence of DLCs with too little perceived content in the game. The drastic effects of the massive expressions of opinion had a considerable weight: Both publishers have returned to the status quo.

OpenIV is offered again

Take Two has agreed to “not fundamentally” prosecute projects that are directed at single-player, non-commercial, and non-commercial, in the light of the protest storm, as Rockstar does on their own support page The rights of third parties. The statement leaves scope for interpretations because “tools, files, libraries or functions that can affect the multiplayer or online service” are prohibited and Rockstar reserves the right to change the regulations at any time or to proceed against individual projects. OpenIV is now available again.

Yep, @OpenIV is back! Https://t.co/p5Qi3FwFO7 pic.twitter.com/e4jQBC36tN

– GTANet | GTAForums (@GTANet) June 23, 2017
“Take Two was against the tool on the grounds that it allowed” harmful mods “for GTA Online. The company also ran parallel to hackers and cheats, because business interests are highly threatened. The sale of ingame currency for GTA Online is extremely profitable for the company.

OpenIV is specifically dedicated to single players and blocks online modifications. Lead developer Yuriy Krivoruchko admitted, however, that there is the possibility of undercutting these intentions and the corresponding orientation of the tool. This gap appears to have been closed in the now offered version. The approach of Take Two seems nevertheless at least awkwardly, because no discussion with the modders was searched.

Paradox lowers prices

Paradox is opposed to allegations that price increases in the run-up to Summer Sales should minimize the actual discounts granted. It had been a long-planned measure to “harmonize” the prices of different markets and the first price increase for many years, according to the opinion.

This has been planned for some time so I have a good time and a good communication, while “shitty” is a bit too general in its description

– Fredrik Wester (@TheWesterFront) June 17, 2017
Communication and transparency of the measure are regarded as a real problem. In the future, the company intends to announce price increases in advance. For this reason, all price increases would be reduced, but on Steam this was not yet possible due to the ongoing sales. Games could be returned, taking into account the price originally paid. If this is not possible, the difference in games will be reimbursed or, if this is impossible, the double sum will be donated to UNHCR.

Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester, who expressed his gratitude for the feedback, also emphasized that the turnaround had been decided after discussions with long-standing members of the community. A “mob mentality”, which probably means the expressed annoyance, he does not want to give in principle. The DLC policy is defended with the reference to free updates released in parallel to pay.



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