Apple iOS 11 Jailbreak: Access to Beta 2 already succeeded

iOS 11 Jailbreak Bild redmondpie comIOS 11 Beta 2 Jailbeak– The new Apple operating system iOS 11 will be officially released in the final version only in a few months, but a high-pressure jailbreak is still being worked on. Therefore, the possibility is now already to be given access to the beta version. For beta 2, there is already a working jailbreak.

IOS 11 Beta 2: Jailbreak succeeded

It will take a few months for Apple to present the final version of iOS 11. A jailbreak is required to access the closed system. Of course, Jailbreak developers are already working on detecting vulnerabilities in iOS 11.

Developers of the Jailbreak Commmunity have now presented a working Jailbreak for iOS Beta 2 at the Mobile Security Conference in Shanghai, the website Redmond Pie.

Jailbreak confirmed via Twitter

According to the report, Senior Security Engineer Min Zheng confirmed on Twitter that there is a jailbreak tool for iOS 10.3.2 and also iOS 11 beta 2 and the iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.2 cracked, according to the security engineer from Alibaba.

Liang Keen Lab probably wrote the software and also on different iPhones demonstrated and Min (Spark) Zheng a tweet in this regard. Whether there will be a release of the jailbreak remains to be seen. Probably the developers but their knowledge rather than a demonstration see and continue to Apple reach, so that Apple can close the found security gaps in time. Cover image: iOS 11 Jailbreak image redmondpie. com.

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