Overwatch: Boot boxes will contain fewer doubles in the future

Overwatch: Beuteboxen enthalten künftig weniger Doppeltes

With the next patch for Overwatch currently running on the test servers, Blizzard matches the distribution of items in Overwatch’s boot boxes. The number of items in the crates, which have already been unlocked, is to be “drastically” reduced.

This change, named Game Director Jeff Kaplan as “extremely significant,” has been requested by many players and will greatly increase the fun of the game. The number of credits earned with boxes should remain at least the same or even rise despite these changes. But this is not a special reinsurance. Duplicate items will reward Blizzard with a credit amount of only one-fifth of the sum required to unlock an item of a comparable class.

The amendment also raises once again the fundamental question about the mechanisms involved in prey distribution. It is not yet known whether the distribution of the items, in addition to general odds, which Blizzard had to reveal at short notice, is influenced by further, intransparent modifiers. It is assumed, for example, the existence of a “pity timer”, which increases the chance of rare objects after a certain time. That Blizzard intervenes here in some form is now at least safe.

Export for highlights

In addition to this change, the next patch will allow you to save more video highlights as well as manually back up special game scenes. The “capture button” can be used to mark special scenes of a match, and the game’s position is then saved in the new highlight tab along with “Play of the Game” scenes.

The scenes can also be exported on all platforms. On the PC, it is also possible to select the graphics and video quality of the exported scenes independently of the settings for the game itself. This can also be used to create low-power UHD video with maximum detail settings, which far surpasses the quality of the live-rendered scenes.



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