Facebook is working on a new app for video creators

After launching nearly two years ago, Mentions, a dedicated journalist, celebrity and influencer, Facebook is developing a new application destined once again to the most creative users, though it should be targeted to the famous characters again.

The announcement came to VidCon, one of the most popular video enthusiasts also used by producers to pick up new ideas from their fans and launch new applications. The new Facebook proposal should allow access to live with a special creative package.

In addition to intro and outro for their videos, users can find custom stickers, frames and more, plus a card to interact with their followers on Messenger, Instagram, and of course Facebook. The launch is scheduled for the end of 2017 but is likely to be reserved only to celebrities. You still have a few months to become famous or to hope that Facebook will change your mind and open the new function at all.
Go to: Facebook is testing a new tab with the recommended videos




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