Mobile communication in Germany is cheaper than ever

© Benicce – Fotolia.comMobile communications more affordable than ever – In a survey illustrates the statistics portal Statista that mobile communications in Germany is currently as low as never before. In the past 20 years, prices for mobile telephony, the writing of SMS and mobile surfing declined continuously.

Mobile communications more affordable than ever

Mobile customers need to pay the lowest price in the past 20 years for mobile communication at present. As the statistics portal Statista determined, prices have fallen steadily over the past two decades and currently reach the deepest values.

The survey, a price index was based, which reached in 2010 the value of the 100th 14 years earlier, in 1996 this was for mobile use of a cell phone yet at around 240 and declined steadily by 2010. Calls, SMS and data connections were cheaper.

Use of mobile phones particularly favorable

Even after 2010, prices continued to fall, currently they are at a record low. However, the decrease in recent years, less precipitated as before the deadline. Currently, the price index is at a value of about 97. The biggest drop experienced the mobile prices between 1996 and 2001.

The only weakly declining curve from 2010 to 2016 reflects the price trend of recent years. For several years, prices have stagnated at a level and change only slightly. The bottom has been reached, by changing regulatory requirements of the EU and other cost factors, customers will probably have to adjust again to rising prices in the future.




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