Hunt: Showdown: Players fight against players and monsters

Hunt: Showdown: Players battle against players and monsters

Three years after the first announcement Crytek has introduced the concept of co-op shooter Hunt and showed the first gameplay scenes. The originally thought gameplay is gone but over the long dive trip on board what the name reflects: Instead of “Horrors of the gilded age” is the title now “Showdown”.

Whether the free-2-play concept has survived, is still unclear, but at least not a pure co-op PvE more is now being developed, viewed in the from the third person on the scene. Hunt, which will be played from the first-person view, oriented now roughly at the idea of ​​Evolve, but with newly assigned roles: The monster is not controlled in Hunt from the players, but hunted by players – and five teams of two at the same time ,

Evolve meets Battle Royale

The highlight of: The card is also populated among other zombie enemies and the hunted monster is dangerous, but not a huge ball magnet as in Evolve. That makes sense insofar as the monster will fill only a portion of the fighting. In the other encounters, hunters sit with their peers apart – as the teams compete with each other, the fighting around the element unpredictable player interactions adds. The reward only get the one team that achieved with the loot the Exfiltrationspunkt. to take a match between 20 and 40 minutes, the best scenes shows Crytek in the compilation based on a pre-alpha version.

Two mechanisms are thereby bring excitement to double the hunt, told Crytek GameStar . First evidence of the monster must be collected until the perspective of the monster can look that betrays his location more or less accurate. After his death his soul must be banished also what is displayed on the map other players.

Death is permanent

A special quality wins, because characters can be revived by her partner, but permanently die at the death of the team and take all collected equipment to the grave. The Permadeath mechanism is attenuated through a blood line system. This allows as IGN reported to hire other hunters with better skills as a substitute.

Players can leave a match early on the collection point also when they assess their chances of winning as unrealistic and so bring her alter ego to safety. This reduces the number of lurking hunters, without being displayed to the other participants – which will, reports PC Gamer , subtle for uncertainty and thus create tension. When the game will be released, Crytek has not yet betrayed. According to PC games is not even clear whether there will be an early access phase.



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